Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Why...

Many of you may wonder WHY I decided to try this diet. My brother and I both suffer from Ulcerative Colitis (me for 15 years and my brother for close to 5).  My brother started reading about the benefits of Paleo and the results other UC patients had experienced and decided to give it a try.  He was on a load of pretty strong meds that were keeping his UC at bay, but he didn't like the side effects.  Because he wasn't flaring at the time he started the diet, it took him a couple of months on the diet after stopping his meds to determine whether or not the diet was working.  Typically, he would flare after about 6 weeks off meds.  I decided to let him be the guinea pig for this one and will forever be in debt to him for his discipline and tenacity when it came to this diet.  

Once my brother reached about 8 weeks off meds without flaring, I decided to give it a try. I'm such a food junkie that I had been mentally preparing myself for the change for about a month before I actually started.   I have been on Prednisone and Lialda since May; however, they weren't controlling my UC very well.  I was still seeing blood, mucous, and loads of horrible gas.  Within 3 days of being on Paleo, I noticed SIGNIFICANT changes with the gas and started seeing less blood.  I've now been strict paleo for 3 weeks and it's been a MIRACLE. Virtually NO GAS, no blood, no mucous ...NORMAL BM's I don't recall seeing in YEARS.  I know the details here may be a bit much for some, but anyone who suffers from UC can appreciate my enthusiasm, I'm sure.  

Currently, I'm on the final leg of my Prednisone taper and I've cut my Lialda dosage in half with plans to discontinue use once this bottle is gone.  I want to stand on the highest mountain and shout out to all those who suffer with UC to TRY PALEO.  The fact that it's worked for both my brother and me is wonderful.  Not bad odds for those of you considering it.  Is it easy to change your diet so drastically?  Not really...BUT, when you see the results and start to feel normal, it's totally worth it.  Those foods that make you sick, don't seem so appealing anymore.  Not having to take note of where the nearest bathroom is wherever I go or not having to worry about dropping a load in my pants has been beyond worth not being able to scarf down a donut.  

If you suffer from UC, I would STRONGLY recommend you try this diet.  What do you have to lose?  Well, except all the meds and symptoms that come along with UC.  I still stand amazed at the results; it's almost unbelievable.   Definitely starts to make one wonder about doctors and pharma companies and what their motives really are.  Not one doctor in 15 years suggested diet change to me and even discouraged my brother when he asked...seems crazy after seeing these results.  When you think about it though, why would docs and pharma companies want you to be healed by diet alone?  

Everyone should take a moment to play with their food every now and then...

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